Author copies of the fantastic new anthology, Corridors, by Innsmouth Gold have dropped through my letterbox this morning and the compilation, which is based on the King in Yellow mythos of Robert W Chambers, features some fantastic stories from the renowned Innsmouth Writing Circle.

It’s available now in print or ebook direct from the Innsmouth Gold site, or Amazon, though I always recommend buying direct from the publisher.

Huge props to our overlord, Innsmouth Gold himself, or Rob Poyton, as he’s known to you mere mortals for coming up with an exotic, intriguing world to set these stories in. In the future, a cataclysmic event forces mankind underground into labyrinthine complexes, overseen by the sinister Ministry, who rule all, as they prepare for the return of the King in Yellow.

It’s a fantastic world to explore, and my own contribution, Farm, draws on a few diverse influences: all the usual Lovecraftian ones of course, but also the brilliant ancient RPG Paranoia, and even a first tentative foray into YA or Young Adult fiction—a field I never thought I’d venture into.

But needs must and mine’s the tale of Holly, a young priestess who is being prepared for her acceptance into the Ministry in the remote Complex 259. Yet, the path to power and the ascent to adulthood are rarely smooth, and as she becomes deeper enmeshed into her new role, she is forced to experience strange trials and unusual visions and must eventually confront the horrible truth which underpins life underground.

No further spoilers on the plot, but I thought it might be interesting to draw back the veil on some of the devious tricks we writers play to amuse and entertain ourselves as we scribble. Mine come in the form of various easter eggs scattered throughout the text, which astute readers may spot to divert themselves. If you’re going to read it, probably best to stop now and go grab a copym then see if you can detect them. You’ll find the Easter Egg answers below the blurb which follows.


Something happened.

The world changed.

Now we live in underground in labrythine

Complexes, our lives overseen by the Ministry.

For only they have access to Him.

To our ruler.

Our King.

The King in Yellow.

Members of the Innsmouth Writing Circle bring you 13 tales in a new setting based on the King in Yellow mythos of  Robert W Chambers.

Enter, and explore the secrets of hidden tunnels. Discover what lurks in the deep. You may even get an audience with  the King Himself….

Corridors Easter Eggs

1) All the ordinand’s (or candidates for priesthood’s) names begin with the letter H, a tribute to and mark of being chosen by Hastur, he who must not be named.

2) . I borrowed all the various Ministry titles from conventional church ones. All the priests are female, take that patriarchy!

3) Throughout the story, you’ll discover all kinds of alternative names for the colour yellow from Primrose to flax and even the exotic Xanthic, which are never repeated. It’s only at the conclusion, that the colour yellow itself is finally named.

4) The Complex number 259 is significant and appears and re-appears throughout my work. I wonder if you can guess why? Hit me up on Twitter @johnh259 and I’ll take your best guesses before possibly revealing all.

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