The Cricket Dictionary launches!

In my never ending quest to publish at least a couple of books each year, I’m kicking off again with my long cherished and previously ultra secret sports project – The Cricket Dictionary, which is now available on Amazon in its first definitive edition. It’s been quite the marathon and quite a challenge too, a […]

The Crystal Void Illustrated launches and Bristol Horror Con readings!

Phew busy times at Houlihan towers as some long standing plots are finally coming to fruition. First up is the launch of a new illustrated version of my Napoleonic adventure, The Crystal Void, published by my good friends at Modiphius with art by the supremely talented Michael Poole. It’s got a brand new cover and […]

Bristol Horror Con and Cthulhu: The Beginner’s Guide

Here at the fortress of solitude, work progresses apace on a number of projects, which are finally, finally nearing completion. My long delayed and ultra top secret sports project is on the brink of being unleashed and it’s an absolute monster, having consumed far more of my time than I thought it ever would. Every […]

Gizmodo feature, self publishing, FREE book offer and much more!

Just a quick update on some ongoing things as the spring bank holiday finds me listening to the cricket and enjoying a long lazy coffee. Those splendid chaps over at Gizmodo recently let me loose to have a chat and writing, publishing and wotnot, check it out here for a guide on how publish your […]

Before the Flood, Mon Dieu and more!

And relax … well once again, best laid plans have gone, as the poet once delicately put it ‘agly’ and I find it’s been a few months since I last updated the site. But my sword has not slept idly in the meanwhile and ‘events dear boy, events’ have kept me most occupied as we’ve […]

Dark Tales Panel – Dragonmeet 2014

Phew, well now that the roistering and gorging season is over, the cheese mountain has become a cheese molehill, elasticated waistbands are taking up the slack and the liver has departed for a short sabbatical, it’s time to turn thoughts to a new year and indeed, some new fear. Step forward then, an audio recording […]

Win! Copies of The Trellborg Monstrosities and signed cover art

The Trellborg Monstrosities is the first book in the acclaimed Seraph series, chronicling the story of one man who battles the minions of dread Cthulhu thoroughout the ages. It gained 5 star reviews on release, is rated 4/5 average on Good and was called ‘an evocative tale of blood, bullets and ice’ by renowned […]

Four books in one day

‘Release four books on one day? You must be deranged,’ the demon of doubt who occasionally takes up residence on my left shoulder ventured. ‘Of course I am,’ I replied. ‘Professionally so, I’m a writer.’ So after a noticeable absence of a few months, I’m finally ready to unleash not one, not two, not even […]

Before the Flood – Dark Tales – The Crystal Void

Ack, best laid plans and all that, but I see once again it’s a couple of months since I’ve done the whole blog update thing… Bugger, I meant to be a lot quicker than that, but it has indeed been busy times. First up, Seraph adventure #4 entitled Before the Flood is finally finished in […]

Review: The Good War by Studs Terkel

So having a look at his little blog o’ mine, I’ve sort of realised I can’t keep doing updates on what is essentially a quite tedious process (writing). Well a tedious process to read about anyway. Word counts grow, plot and characters expand, but essentially repeating, ‘oh, I’ve done some more stuff, it’s now up […]